PN 2075 - Combustion and Cold Flow Improver for Domestic Heating Oil
Composition :
Multipurpose concentrate comprising several constituents:
anti-corrosion agent
combustion improver
cold filter plugging improver
Characteristics :
Appearance : dark brown-red liquid.
Density at 20 °C : 0,930-0,936
Viscosity cSt at 20 °C : 4,7-5,8
Flash point °C : 61-70
Refractive index : 1,515-1,535
Dose :
1 to 2 L per 1000 L of heating oil.
Functions :
Improves combustion and boiler efficiency.
Reduces emissions of soot and CO and the acidity of flue gases.
Prevents internal corrosion of storage tanks.
  Keeps the injectors of agricultural tractors clean.
Reduces exhaust fumes.
Satisfies the requirements of the DHYCA - Ministry of Industrial Affairs - innocuty tests on diesel engines.
Saves fuel.
Packagings :
1 L cans in 6-pack
200 L metal drums
Palletized containers of 1.000 L

Soot Reduction According to the BACHARACH Method
The method consists in passing a precise volume of gas taken from the flue outlet through a standardized filter paper. The degree of blackening of the paper is measured against the soot scale established by Bacharach (slight differences at the bottom of the scale are determined by means of a photoreffective meter).

Reduction of the Acidity of Smoke
The acidity of smoke is due to the presence of sulphur in the heating oil. Oil containing 0.2 % of sulphur generally gives off smoke with an acid pH of about 4. Treatment with Eurostar Combustion Improver neutralizes the smoke at a pH of 7.1 and, at the same time, removes its corrosion properties.
This is a major contribution to reducing acid pollution on vegetation, crops and water.

Improved Combustion and Boiler Efficiency
The German institute TUV has demonstrated that a burner running continuously on heating oil not containing an additive had to be stopped after 200 hours so that the burner head could be cleaned. The deflector plate and the internal fins were also covered with substantial sooty deposits. On the other hand, a burner of the same type was able to operate for 300 hours in the same conditions without any sooty deposits forming when the heating oil had had Eurostar added. Improved combustion has a very positive effect on thermodynamic efficiency and therefore means reduced consumption.
So a double saving ; lower consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion Protection
By preventing the formation of rust particles, pump wear and the clogging of filters are reduced considerably. Internal corrosion of storage tanks is avoided. To demonstrate the anti-rust effect, laboratories generally use the ASTM D 655 METHOD.
Oppsite is a photo of parts that have been immersed in heating oil : untreated (!) and 1/1000 treated with Eurostar Combustion Improver (2).